Steel and Aluminum Front Fenders

wrap fender

B'COOL Products has Bagger front fenders in stock for all wheel sizes from 21" up to and including 32". They are made from 12 gauge cold rolled steel or 1/8" aluminum for the ultimate in fender quality. All fenders begin life from flat sheet. Using CNC spinning lathes the flat sheets are spun into specific shapes to correctly fit each tire profile then CNC plasma cut with the desired side profile. Our CNC process provides the quality and repeatability demanded by our customers.

All fenders are fully TIG welded and metal finished. The amount of prep time for body-men and painters is greatly reduced as a result of our meticulous attention to details saving the builder valuable time and money on their project.

B'COOL Products also offers custom built fenders for the customer's desired specifications. Our CNC Plasma cutting allows us to programme and cut a fender with infinite detail for our customer. Before any cutting begins the customer provides some ideas and a 'to scale' drawing of the fender is created. A print is sent to the customer for acceptance or change. Once the design is agreed upon the fender is manufactured.


32 Inch

Wrap Fender

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